Social network presence is a must in today’s business environment.  We are going to outline the top social network sites for business, why every business should be involved in them, and outline a few of the key benefits of each of the top 5 social networks for businesses.


Top 5 Social Network Sites For Business – Overview

(1) Facebook:

Facebook is currently at the top of all social media networks, and especially for business owners.  Providing compelling fan page structuring, advertising options and an un-surpassed potential for business growth.

(2) LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is the most professional of all social networks, focusing on the accomplishments of companies and business professionals from around the world.  Linked in provides a base for all walks of business minded people from every industry, to come together and network.  LinkedIn is also the social network company to every go public.

(3) Google Plus:

Is one of the newest social networks, but is not to be under-estimated they are growing at a phenomenal rate thanks to Google’s innovative software integration, business solutions, and know how when it comes to dominating the web.

(4) Youtube:

No one can deny the power of video marketing, but add a social, and the minds at Google you cannot go wrong.  YouTube is a video social networking median that is owned and operated by Google providing over 800 million unique visitors per month.

(5) Twitter:

Twitter provides real-time information through a social network structure based on follows and followers.  It is one of the top ways to connect immediately to followers of your business.  It uses what is called tweets to deliver content, news, links, and more in 140 characters or less.


The Top 5 Social Network Sites For Business – Benefits

social networking for business with facebook(1) Facebook:

Facebook is the most used social network on the planet with the greatest reach.  We utilize Facebook in business by making Fan Pages and ethically promoting a Fan Page’s success through viral reach.

  • Facebook fan pages hold the largest opportunity for growth, viral reach, interaction and communication over all other networks.  Fan pages have proven when implemented, maintained, and ethically marketed to produce amazing results in business growth and interaction.
  • Facebook also offers advertising resources to dramatically increase the amount of fans, product recognition and business growth through their CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM (cost-per-million) impression campaigns.
  • Our recommendation is to start your Facebook development today; “Right Now” your business needs it.

Linked In Social Networking For Business (2) LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is key to any business/person wanting to build a professional reputation within their given industry or field.  Known as the social network of professionals LinkedIn provides viral, priceless connections to leaders, and companies across every industry.

  • LinkedIn is great for sales professionals, business owners, job recruiters and more.  They offer upgrade options to increase search profile searches, communication options, and more.  The primary focus should be to build your online presence as a leader in your industry with LinkedIn.
  • The secondary objective should be to build relationships, and even reach top executives.  Business is built upon relationships and LinkedIn harnesses this through social network development.

Social Networking For Business With Google Plus (3) Google Plus:

Google + is one of the newer social networks out there, but they should not be under estimated.  They have integrated a lot of their current software, and capabilities to work hand in hand with Google +.  Some of the integrations, key features, and benefits are as follows:

  • Google Places:  Google Places is now integrated directly into Google +, which helps increase exposure through social network activities.  Your social network can find your local business
  • Google + Button Integration:  Allows Google + user to support your site and business buy adding it to their network and Google + bookmarks.   You can even add + 1 buttons directly into your display ads across the world.
  • Google Pages Within Google +:  Your business will have it’s own self developed and implemented page similar to that of Facebook but with the integration of Google’s additional features, and software, harnessing Google’s web power.

Using Youtube to Social Network For Business (4) Youtube:

Video is the most powerful marketing tool available, combine that within a social network atmosphere and your business has the opportunity to expand rapidly.  YouTube is the top video social network on the planet.  The core factors, and benefits of this social video network are as follows:

  • SEO (search engine optimization) Impact:  Search engines love videos especially ones with high social network impact, and YouTube provides these videos.  So it is highly likely that a businesses YouTube videos can rank very high, and if they back-link to their primary site that can help page rank.
  • Advertising Power House:  Businesses have harnessed YouTube’s paid advertising resources to create tremendous results, and it is worth checking out if you have the proper social media marketing consultant.

Twitter-Social-Networking-For-Business(5) Twitter:

Twitter is an amazing micro post, immediate delivery social network.  Used by millions to deliver instant information on, links, activities, or simple communications.  The primary benefits of the Twitter social network are:

  • Instant Communication:  Twitter provides instant communication to clients, potential clients, and followers.
  • Viral By Re-Tweet:  Followers can re-tweet your tweets and create instant viral marketing.
  • Rapid Growth:  If implemented correctly Twitter campaigns can, will, and have ignited rapid growth within businesses.


Biz2Prime will be writing in-depth detailed blog’s, e-books, and even developing training for social network development in the very near future.

Conclusion:  Social network development is a must for every business, but it must be implemented correctly, and consistently.  Ask us today for a free social media development consultation.